My Von Erl Starter Kit & 1.6ml 18mg eLiquid

My Von Erl Starter Kit & 1.6ml 18mg eLiquid

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The My Von Erl Starter Kit aims to encapsulate the early 'cigalike' design, but with modern ecigarette innovations and developments included as well. It's not like other vape starter kits you may have been used to using in recent years.

Constructed of Aluminium and extremely compact in size, the My is a great first-time kit for someone looking to take up vaping, as well as a stealthy secondary back-up for those already with a primary device.

Instead of having to fill a vape tank manually with a pipette, Von Erl have designed the My starter kit so it uses Refill Pods, ensuring messy decanting is a thing of the past.

Features & Benefits

  • Nicotine: 18mg
  • Bottle Size: 1.6ml
  • Compact Size
  • Disposable Pod System
  • Micro USB charger


  • Item Code : EKV-OTO1618
  • Item : My Von Erl Starter Kit & 1.6ml 18mg eLiquid
  • Brand/Model : Von Erl OTO1618
  • Type : Sub-Ohm
  • Tank Size : 1.6ml
  • Battery : 350 mAh

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