Vapouriz Voltair Variable Voltage Starter Kit

Vapouriz Voltair Variable Voltage Starter Kit

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The Vapouriz VOLTAIR Variable Voltage vaping starter kit is perfect if you like to customise your vaping experience. It allows you to select the voltage by twisting the dial at the bottom of the device. Different voltages produce a different type of vaping experience. Bump the voltage up high and open up your airflow to get a powerful throat hit and lots of vapour without compromising on flavour. Feeling mellow? Well, simply turn the voltage down and you'll have a smoother vape.

The VOLTAIR is finished in carbon black with subtle glossy v's that give it an aesthetic edge. The Pyrex glass clearomizer is extremely well made and durable, and the coils will last you approximately 4-5 weeks on average (depending on usage).

Features & Benefits

  • 5-Click Lock Safety Function
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Easy-to-use Variable Voltage Dial
  • 4 Airflow Settings
  • Bottom fill clearomizer
  • Voltage Output 3.3v-4.8v
  • 3-hour re-charge time (approx.)


  • Item Code : EKV-VOLTAIR
  • Item : Vapouriz Voltair Variable Voltage Starter Kit
  • Brand/Model : Vapouriz VOLTAIR
  • Type : Sub-Ohm
  • Tank Size : 2ml
  • Max Wattage : 50W
  • Weight : 0.400 Kg

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